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Let me start with the founders of the course Lachie Pior and Lucas Durante. I’ve done a deep dive in their history and past and these guys are pretty legitimate (for online guru types). The have owned their digital marketing agency for the better part of 7-8 years. The agency has employees, two physical addresses that I have verified and they have video testimonials from very legitimate businesses like Adriatic furniture, YCL Jewels, Bulk Buys. Real businesses. I can confirm Lachie Pior and Lucas Durante own a legitimate businesses in their marketing agency. It does look like they own two, or owned two, or went through a rebrand in 2019 though for what it’s worth – they used to be called Digital Knockout and are now Veritas Digital, but that doesn’t seem fundamentally problematic.

Now to the scale smart review – or rather the movement mastery review.
From what they have published during 2020 their agency took a hit due to…. 2020…. and they decided to teach others how to start an agency. Given their experience with their own marketing agency I would be inclined to give them like 4.5/5 stars for the legitimacy meter…… however….

The way it was sold was, aggressive? The Movement Mastery marketing was very hypey, very salesy and honestly a little gross to me. I know that others like Alex Becker have discussed in the past how these online gurus need to get more and more hypey with their marketing to be able to get sales. But honestly Lachie & Movement Mastery, it’s getting to be far too much. Just offer something that works and show it to people, stop shoving it down everyones throat….

Onto the program, I’ve seen a couple of people do walkthroughs of the program, and everyone seems to speak very highly about the content. It’s a systematic walkthrough of everything you could possibly need from how to use AI to make money online. Even down to the stuff you don’t expect like tax planning, how to outsource it and make it more passive. I think this is the biggest win for Movement Mastery. The fact that the people in the program actually appear to like it.

I did do an active hunt for negative reviews, and I did find some. That being said, the negative reviews appeared to be people annoyed at the price or the marketing as opposed to customers who hated it. In fairness, Movement Mastery is expensive. and Lachie Pior has a very annoying tone to his marketin.

All of this being said – I score movement mastery 3.5/5 – the guys seem legit, the course seems decent. But it’s expensive. And the marketing is very aggressive.

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